Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Get Started] iCHEF Customer Service

Welcome to iCHEF! On the way of building a thriving business with your store, please feel free to contact our customer service for professional assistance in any kind of issues, no matter it is about POS operation or device installation.

Customer Service

Whenever you encounter problems regarding iCHEF POS App operation, backend settings or device installation, feel free to contact our customer service for instant support!

User in HK / SG

Please contact iCHEF sales rep in your region.

User in TW

  • Toll-Free Customer Service Hotline: 0800-889-055
  • Service Hours: Mon. to Sun. 09:30 – 22:30

Hardware Loans (TW ONLY)

If your printer, cash drawer or Wi-Fi router is not working, iCHEF offers free backup hardware loans for up to 7 days for you to keep your restaurant running without interruption. (From the 8th day, the rental fee for backup hardware is NT$1000 per day.)


  • iPad
  • TSP654, TSP 100 (LAN/USB), mC-Print3, mPOP, GoDEX DT2x
  • WiFi Router
  • Cash Drawer

Benefit Requirements

The contracted stores using iCHEF POS.

  • You buy equipment from iCHEF and have not received it.
  • You buy equipment from iCHEF and find it malfunctioned or broke during unboxing or installation.
  • You buy equipment from iCHEF and find it malfunctioned or broke during operation.
  • You buy equipment from third-party providers and are in urgent need of backup hardware to keep business running. In this case, iCHEF will lend the backup hardware after the evaluation by customer service. However, we will prioritize the stores who buy its equipment from iCHEF when backup hardware is out of stock.

Who cannot enjoy the hardware loans?

  • The stores which did not buy equipment from iCHEF.
  • The stores which want to rent the hardware just for trial.

More about: Hardware Loans

Equipment Maintenance (TW ONLY)

The stores which buy new printers from iCHEF can enjoy maintenance subsidies within the subsidy period.

Maintenance Rules

More about: Equipment Maintenance

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