Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[User Interface] Toolbox

This article gives a brief introduction of the functions in the toolbox on iCHEF POS.

Toolbox Handbook

iCHEF Support

Visit iCHEF Support website in iCHEF POS app.

Cash Drawer

Open the cash drawer and record temporary income/expenditure. (Cash Drawer Management)

Invoice/Receipt Record

Search, void or reprint the transaction receipts or Taiwanese e-invoices for unpaid orders. (Void An Order & Refund)


Enter POS passcode for clock-in/out to track working hours. (How to Clock in/out)

Device Settings

Map the system to printers. (Connect a Printer to iPad)

Shift/Daily Closing

Manage shifts and daily account tallying. (Shift/Daily Closing)

Customer Management

Search, edit or delete customer (member) info. (Start a Membership Program)

Inventory Management

Tally and record inventory. (Inventory Management)

Product/Modifier Status

Mark items/modifiers as “Sold Out” to announce that they are unavailable. (Item/Modifier Sold out)

Online Ordering Management

Adjust related settings on the online store and third-party delivery platform in real time.

Order Express Exit

Close the paid orders in takeout/delivery area in batches. (Close orders in batches)

System Information

Check your current iCHEF plan, remaining quota and the operation of iCHEF POS


Exit iCHEF POS and close the app. Please check if you have uploaded all of the business data before logging out the system. (Data Uploader)






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