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Hi ! How can we help ?

[Invoice & Receipt] Issue a Receipt

Receipt is a proof of payment made by customers. It will list all the purchased items and payment details. If you are not issuing an invoice, a receipt will be essential.

Print Timing

You can decide whether to print out receipt automatically after checkout.

Even if Taiwan electronic invoice is not issued, you can still customize whether to print transaction details.

  1. Go to Shop Management > Printer Settings
  2. Select [Cashier Printer] > [Customer Receipts and Billing]
  3. Change the toggle of “Automatic Receipt Printing after Checkout” to “off”.

Print Type Settings

The transaction details also provide the option for the store to change the print content, including adjusting the header image, footer text, and adjusting the number of printed transaction details…etc. For more information on transaction detail settings, please refer to the “Checkout-Related Rule Settings” article.





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