Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Authorization] Reset Password

When forgetting password or POS passcode, you can follow these steps to reset them.

Reset Password/POS Passcode

General Account

Please find the manager who is authorized to access backend and reset the password on iCHEF backend.

Reset steps:

  1. Go to Authorization
  2. Find the user account that you want to recover. Create a new password and enter [Password/Change Password] & [Confirmed Password]

Administrator Account

Only the account in [admin] group can reset password by password reset email.

Reset steps:

  1. Go to iCHEF backend or the login page on iCHEF POS, and click [Forgot Password]
  1. Enter Store ID and Login ID of the administrator
  2. A password reset email will be sent to you after clicking [Confirm]
  1. Open the email and click [Reset Password]

Set up Recovery Email Address

Only admin account can set up recovery email address. Password reset notification will be sent to this email address when you click [Forget Password]

  1. Go to Authorization
  2. Select admin account and enter email address in [Email for password reset]





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