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Hi ! How can we help ?

[Reporting] Clock-in/out Records

iCHEF POS allows employees to clock in/out on iPad. You can check the time sheet of each employee, including clock in/out records and total working hours, or download the records.

View the Time Sheets

  1. Go to Sales & Report > clock-in/clock-out record
  2. Filter the data by your desired time range
  3. View the records of all the employees or select a single employee

Report Filter

You can use this tool to filter the information and find what you are looking for.

  • Basic option: select a data range
  • Advanced options: filter by a specific time period, number of guest and order type.

It is suggested that you refine a data range less than 93 days for the sake of efficient data query and smooth report loading.

Download the Records

When the employees clock in/out on iCHEF POS, the system will calculate the total working hours of each employee, and you can download the complete records for salary settlement.

  1. Go to Sales & Report > clock-in/clock-out record
  2. Select a data range
  3. Click [download clock-in/clock-out record]





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