Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Order Management] Create A Scheduled Order for Takeout

When receiving orders made by phone or by your fan page, you can create an order with a scheduled pick-up time. Customers can place an order in advance, you can also manage the preparation flow in a more efficient way!

Step 1: Create an Takeout Order

  1. Go to Takeout/Delivery Area
  2. Click [Takeout] to create a new order

Step 2: Adjust Pickup Time

  1. Click the calendar icon
  2. Click [Pickup time]
  3. Select the date & time, and click [Save] to complete

Configure default pickup time

  1. Go to Shop Management > Restaurant Flow Settings
  2. Enter the length of meal preparation (minutes) in [Take-out time will expire reminder]
  1. When you schedule an order, the order number will turn into a 5-letters order number.

Step 3: Send to the Kitchen

After adding the items and adjusting pick up time, you can choose whether to send the order to the kitchen right away or hold it for a while.

Hold and Send Later

Click the [<] button to save and go back to the main page.

Send Right Away

Click [Submit] to send the order to the kitchen.






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