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[Accounting] Shift Closing

Review and record the amount received at the end of each shift in an organized way. Learn how to close out a shift on iCHEF POS.


  • Shift closing is only available for the [Cashier iPad]. To prevent record mix-ups, if you are using the [Client iPad] for taking orders in your store, it will be locked while closing out a shift.
  • Shift closing will cover the total amount of all the paid orders from the previous shift closing to this one. The calculation will also deduct the amount of voided orders during this period.
  • If you will receive online orders, please make sure that orders awaiting in the [Order Confirming Window] are all confirmed before closing out the shift.

The data after shift closing cannot be modified.

Start Shift Closing

  1. Go to Toolbox > Shift/Daily Closing
  2. Select [Start Shift Closing]

Step 1: Enter passcode

To close a shift will require the POS passcode, and only authorized accounts can perform [Shift Closing]. (Visit Authorization > edit authorization to configure the authorization settings.)

Step 2: Perform Shift Closing

The closing process starts with revenue summary. You can have a quick view of the total amount of sales from all transactions.

Edit Details

A: Total Revenue

The overall item sales within this shift, after the deduction of refunds and discounts.

B: Turnover of Each Payment Module

Net sales of different payment modules within this shift, after the deduction of refunds and discounts. The amount does not include voided amount.

C: Total Voided

Total amount of sales voided within this shift.

Step 3: Check Cash Float Balance

Cash paid in/out records within this shift will be listed here. You can also add new records if needed. (Learn more about: Cash Drawer Management)

Step 4: Count the Cash

You can enter the total cash amount or the quantity of bank notes to see if it matches the receivable amount in cash drawer. If the number doesn’t match, it will show the variance, and require for the reason to continue.

  • The receivable amount in cash drawer = Cash Float Amount + Cash Transaction Amount + Amount of Cash Paid in/out (Balanced) – Voided Cash Amount

Your preference of cash counting will be saved and auto-applied for the next time.

Step 5: Reconcile Payment Modules

Check if the received amount of different payment methods matches the receivable revenue on iCHEF POS.

  • The received amount matches the receivable revenue: Click [Correct].
  • The received amount does not match the receivable revenue: Click [Revise] and enter the actual amount received as well as the reasons for variance.

How to rearrange the order of payment module?

Go to Payment Settings > Payment Module to adjust display order. The amount received through NewebPay for the Online Store will be the last.

Notice for applying LINE Pay payment module

When applying LINE Pay payment module to both Online Store and iCHEF POS, if your LINE Pay account was not separated (the payment settings share the same Channel ID), the receivable revenue will be added up.

Step 6: Keep Cash for the Next Shift

Enter the amount you want to keep in the cash drawer for the next shift in [Float]. iCHEF POS will calculate [Cash Withdrawal] automatically. Don’t forget to pull the exact amount of money from the cash drawer.

The amount of [Float] will be the starting amount of the next shift. If you are changing the [Float] amount after completing [Shift Closing], do so by adding a cash paid in/out record to keep the report of the next shift correct.

Step 7: Print the Shift Report

You can confirm the figures of shift closing in the preview screen. To make any adjustment, click [Previous] to modify. If everything is correct, toggle [Print out the shift closing record] and tap [Complete].

System calculates the summary period: previous retained petty cash + cash transaction amount + temporary income and expenditure – voided amount

Re-print the Shift Closing Record

  1. Go to Toolbox > Shift/Daily Closing > History
  2. Select the record you want to reprint
  3. Tap [Reprint Shift Closing]

Complete Shift Closing

Select whether to move on to the next shift, or continue to close out the day.






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