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Hi ! How can we help ?

[Reporting] Shift/Daily Closing Report

After completing daily closing, the data will be uploaded to the cloud. You can access these data in the backend. If you have set up the E-mail for sending reports, the system will send the daily closing data to the specified E-mail address automatically.

Daily Closing Record

How to send email notification:

  1. Go to iCHEF backend Authorization
  2. Select an account
  3. Enter email address in [Email for Sending Reports]

Can’t find the field [Email for Sending Reports]

Sending daily closing record requires authorization. To authorize a certain account group to receive the report:

  1. Go to Authorization
  2. Find [send daily report] and select the account groups

Shift Closing/Daily Closing Report

To track every shift closing and daily closing, you can print these data or go to Sales & Report > Shift Closing/Daily Closing to look up for the online data.

Edit Details


The time you complete the shift/daily closing.


The staff who perform this shift/daily closing.

Operating Net Revenue

The overall item sales within this shift, after the deduction of refunds and discounts.

Number of Voided Invoices/Receipts

How many invoices/receipts were voided.

Variance Amount

The total variance amount in this shift/day.

Revenue Breakdown & Variance Report

To check your sales summary within a certain time period, you can visit Sales & Report > Revenue Breakdown & Variance Report and view the revenue breakdown by payment methods.

Total Summary

Total net revenue

The total net sales after the deduction of refunds and discounts.

Total void amount

Total amount of sales voided.

Total variance amount

Total amount of sales variance.

Number of summaries

How many times have your performed shift closing.

Revenue Breakdown

Payment Methods

The name of payment modules.

Total net revenue

The net sales from this payment method.

Total void amount

The amount returned from this payment method.

Total variance amount

The variance in this payment method.

Click the payment module to view payment records and more details.





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