Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[foodpanda] Integrate with foodpanda

Get Started

Step 1: Sign up for foodpanda

To integrate with iCHEF, your foodpanda account should be signed up as “restaurant” business type.

Step 2: Check Item Format

Under the restrictions of foodpanda, the format of set menu items have to be transformed into modifiers. To transform the format of set menu, please refer to Import Set Menus to foodpanda.

Step 3: Activate the Service

  1. Go to Integration Settings > foodpanda integration
  2. Click [Activate foodpanda integration service]

What is [foodpanda order payment classification]

Select a custom payment method to classify revenue generated by foodpanda. As the orders are paid online, iCHEF will complete the transaction automatically after accepting orders, recording the payment amount in the payment module selected.

To create a custom payment method, go to Payment Settings > Payment Module and click [+ Add module]. Learn more about Custom Payment Method.

What is [foodpanda container product settings]

Container product setting is an agreement signed by stores and foodpanda to automatically include the charge of container in every order.

If you haven’t created the items to match with container, please go to Product/Inventory Mgmt > Product management, and click [Add item] to set up. Or check How to Create an Item.

Step 4: Import & Edit Items

To apply for integration, you are required to complete [Menu Hour Settings], [Product Settings], and [Modifier Settings].

Can I request someone to import all items rather than doing by myself?

This service is only supported in Taiwan Region.

Step 5: Apply for Integration

  1. Go to Online Ordering Management > foodpanda integration > Account settings and menu sync status.
  2. Click [Apply for Integration]

Step 6: Get Informed

It takes 7 working days to enable foodpanda integration. You’ll receive an Integration notification.

After the integration being activated, please [Update Menu] on iCHEF POS app.





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