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Hi ! How can we help ?

[foodpanda] Menu Settings

Menu settings on iCHEF backend will be updated to foodpanda ordering page after integrated. There are 3 parts of foodpanda menu settings available on iCHEF backend: menu hours, products, and modifiers.

After integrated, menu settings on iCHEF backend will overridden the settings on foodpanda portal. Please do not edit menu directly on foodpanda portal.

1. Menu Hour Settings

Customers on foodpanda are able to place orders depends on your opening hours. If you offer different menus throughout the day (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner), you can divide your opening hours into maximum 3 menu hours.

Add Menu Hour

  1. Go to Integration Settings > foodpanda integration > Menu hour setting
  2. Click [+ Add menu hour]
  3. Enter [Menu Name]
  4. Click [+ Add menu hour] and create a time period
  5. Click [Save] to complete
Menu NameGive the menu a recognizable name. (e.g. Lunch, Weekend)
Open 24 hoursCustomers can place orders on GrabFood for 24H.
Start / End TimeThe available time period for this menu hour.

How to Set Up Overnight Hours?

You can add 2 rules to cover your overnight opening hours. Here’s an example of opening for 23:00-02:00

  • Menu Hours 1: 23:00-23:59
  • Menu Hours 2: 00:00-02:00

2. Product Settings

By importing existing items, you are able to create a foodpanda menu easily on iCHEF backend.

Create Category

  1. Go to Integration Settings > foodpanda Integration > Product Settings
  2. Click [+ Add product category]
  3. Enter a category name
  4. Select the menu hours serving this category
  5. Click [Save] to complete

Import Items

  1. Go to Integration Settings > foodpanda Integration > Product Settings
  2. Select a category to import items
  3. Click [+ Import products] and select items from existing menu
  4. Repeat the steps to complete your menu on foodpanda

Import Set Menus

A set menu was created in a 3-layer structure on iCHEF backend. However, foodpanda only supports a menu of 2-layer structure. Therefore, importing a set menu requires changing the item format.

  • Set Menu → Menu Item
  • Set Menu Item Options → Modifiers
  • Set Menu Item Category → Modifier Group

Manage Items

Click on the pen icon to edit the listing, category, or items.

AReorder productsChange the item listing order displayed on GrabFood menu. 
ADelete multiple productsSelect to remove multiple items / categories from GrabFood menu. 
BEdit categoryRename the category or change serving hours
BDelete categoryRemove all items in this category from GrabFood menu. 
CEdit productCustomize the name, description, and item image displayed on GrabFood.
CDelete productRemove this item from GrabFood menu. 

3. Visible Modifiers Settings

All the modifiers will be imported and enabled by default. You can disable the modifier that you don’t want to display on foodpanda.

  1. Go to Integration Settings > foodpanda Integration > Visible modifiers settings
  2. Click the modifier to uncheck

4. Update Menu

To save menu changes and update your GrabFood menu, please [Update Menu] in iCHEF POS app. You can check the menu status on Integration Settings > foodpanda integration > Account settings and menu sync status.






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