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[Operational Efficiency] Service Charge

In the iCHEF POS backend, you can set different service charge rates for Dine-in and Takeout orders. Once you enable Service Charge, iCHEF POS App will automatically calculate the total amount due during checkout.

You can also change the display name for “Dine-in Service Charge” to suit your needs, such as Service Charge / Cleaning Fee / Venue Fee. After selection, please apply your settings by clicking [Update Menu] in the iCHEF POS app.

➤ Go to iCHEF Backend: Payment Setting > Service Charge

These three flexible settings allow you to align with your operational model:

1. Calculation Methods

After enabling the service charge, regardless of how customers order or whether there are any discounts, the system will automatically calculate the corresponding amount. There are two calculation methods:

  • Calculate based on the item price after discount
  • Calculate based on item price before discount

(More about: Configuring Service Charge & Discounts)

2. Display Name

You can switch the display name for “Dine-in Service Charge” to either “Cleaning Fee” or “Venue Fee” in iCHEF backend. Once selected, the name displayed in the iCHEF POS App, Online Store(Dine-in), and customer receipts will be changed.

3. Service Charge Rate

You can set the corresponding service rates for Dine-in and Takeout orders.

  • Dine-in: Applied to dine-in orders in iCHEF POS App, and the orders from Mobile Ordering (Dine-in)
  • Takeout: Applied to takeout orders in iCHEF POS App.

Advanced Settings

Item Exceptions

If there are items that are not suitable for the service charge module, such as the items of negative amount or gift certificates, etc. You can add these items to the list of exceptions.

Authorization Settings

After enabling service charge, you can always manually disable it in iCHEF POS App before the order is paid. You can manage the authorization through authorization settings and track the operation records.

You can enable “Authorization verification” in the following two locations:

  1. Payment Setting > Service Charge
  2. Authorization

Toggle on the authorization verification for service charge, and select the desired account group(s). After enabled, all the turn-on/turn-off history will be listed in records. You can track the staff who performed this action.

(More about: Authorization Records)





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