Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Google Business Profile] Create Google Business Profile

Enter your basic information on iCHEF backend, and your business profile will be enabled within 3 days. No need to wait for Google postcard verification.

Application Guide

Step 1: Google Authorization

  1. Go to Integration Settings > Google My Business
  2. Click [Apply and bind Google My Business]
  3. Read and check [Accept the term and conditions], then click [Next]
  1. Log in to your Google account
  2. Allow all of the accesses

To ensure account security, we suggest using your private account to create your Google Business Profile.

To integrate your existing Google Business Profile with iCHEF POS system, please log in with the Google account with Primary owner or Owner access.

Step 2: Check Existing Profile

Google will check if your account has already applied for Google Business Profile, and the screen will show different views according to the results.

A|Not Yet Applied

  1. Enter the name of your business, and click [Confirm]

The address will be auto-filled in. If it is not the correct address, please contact iCHEF support team to renew your address.


  1. Select your business to integrate with iCHEF POS system.
    • Select your business, then click [Next]
    • or click [Apply for a new business] if you can’t find your business

Notice: clicking [Apply for a new business] will create a new spot on the Google Map.

Step 3: Check Similar Stores

Google will check if there are any similar stores nearby according to your business address and show the mapping views.

A|No similar stores nearby

  1. Go to Step 4 to create business data

B|There are similar stores nearby

  1. Select Bind the existing stores.
    • It depends on whether your Google account has Primary Owner or Business Owner’s access.
      • Without access: Please contact the primary owner and request access transfer before applying again.
      • With access: continue to Step 4
    • Select [These are not my stores] : continue to Step 4

Notice: Selecting [These are not my stores] will create a new spot on the Google Map.

Step 4: Create Google Business Profile

  1. Complete all the information required
  2. Click [Binding] to complete

Check Details

1. Business Name

The name displayed on your profile.

2. Number

The contact number displayed on your profile.

3. Business Address

Google will verify this information according to the address you registered in iCHEF system. To change the address, please contact iCHEF support team in your region.

4. Apply for an Account

Your Google account managing this Google Business Profile.

5. Google Maps Business location setting

It shows the store’s address in the search results on Google by default. To change the location, please drag the pin to the correct location on the map.

Step 5: Complete the Integration

After integrated, the Email address you bind with Google will receive a email stating that the analytic product is authorized to the owner.

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