Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Printer Settings] Guide to Printer Settings

This article will help you tailor the settings to match the printer setup and operational procedures used in your store.

Easy settings with 3 steps

  1. Check printers layout
  2. Add printers in the backend
  3. Customize printing rules

Step 1: Check Printers Layout

For smooth settings, it is suggested that you draw the positions and main purposes of the printers in your store.

  1. Draw the layout and areas of your store.
  2. Mark the printers’ positions and models.

How to identify a printer’s model?

It can be identified by the printer’s appearance.

Step 2: Add Printers in The Backend

  1. Go to Shop Management > Printer Settings
  2. Click the [+] icon and select the corresponding type of printer.
  1. To identify the tickets more conveniently, please name the printer after the area it belongs to or the purpose it is for.

Printer’s name will be displayed at the bottom of the ticket.

Step 3: Customize Printing Rules

Next, please add or adjust the printing rules for the printers to fulfill various needs of your store.

Appropriate TypeMain PurposesSee Full Description
Rules for checkoutno-cut sticker printerTickets related to payment amountView details
Rules for couponno-cut sticker printerTickets related to couponsView details
Rules for guest checkno-cut sticker printerTickets related to ordersView details
Rules for kitchen receiptno-cut sticker printerTickets related to meals preparationView details
Rules for adhesive labelno-cut sticker printerTickets that can be plastered on containersView details
Rules for pre-cut stickerpre-cut sticker printerTickets that can be plastered on containersView details

The differences between adhesive label and pre-cut sticker

Update menu on iCHEF POS

After completing the settings, please update menu and log into iCHEF POS. Then, go to [Toolbox] > [Device Setting] to map the added printers.





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