Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Order Management] How to Manage Orders with iCHEF

From taking to closing orders, iCHEF support a variety of restaurant solution! Learn all the tips to facilitate your daily operation. Before starting, here’s the pre-class reading we recommend: Basic Operations of iCHEF POS & User Interface

Order Management

We’ve categorized 6 common order managing scenarios. Hoping to help you find what you want to try with iCHEF POS app 😉

Creating Order

You can create an order in 3 areas of Table Status Page: waiting area, dine-in area and takeout/delivery area.

Taking Order

Some more tips to help you shortening the time of taking an order.

Serving Dish

Make sure all dishes are well served by a guest check receipt or by iCHEF POS app.


A request of splitting the bill? No problem. iCHEF POS support various kind of solutions to your checkout request.

Learn more about the payment methods in iCHEF POS app.

Taiwanese E-Invoice (TW Only)

Closing Orders

Closing the order after checkout is a good way to keep your iPad running smoothly and steady.

Void & Refund

To void an order and refund the customer, you’ll need to issue a credit note.





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