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[Hardware] What are Cash Drawer and Buzzer

The cash drawer and buzzer are accessories that transmit data through light electrical signals with the receipt printer. The cash drawer opened automatically when a payment is done. The buzzer will emit a sound when printing receipts, reminding the BOH staff to take the order and prepare the meal.

Supported Cash Drawer and Buzzer

Since the buzzer and cash drawer are activated through weak electrical signals, various models are available on the market. To ensure that they can be used with the iCHEF-supported receipt printer, and to avoid buying accessories that cannot be used with the receipt printer, it is recommended to purchase through iCHEF, or contact iCHEF company which is in your country.

Connected to the Printer

Star Printers (TSP100/143, TSP654/650, mC-Print3) have a DK port in the connector position. To use the accessories, plug the modular jack into the DK port on the back of the printer and they will be automatically driven.

DK ports are smaller than network ports, please pay attention to the port location.

Trigger Timing

Accessories will be automatically triggered when the printer is on standby or printing.

Trigger Timing of Cash Drawer

  • Trigger moment 1: The cash drawer automatically opens when the order is checked out.
  • Trigger moment 2: The cash drawer automatically opens when starting the ” Shift closing.”
  • Trigger moment 3: The cash drawer opens when using the “Open Cash Drawer” and “Add Temporary Income/Expense” options in the “Toolbox > Cash Drawer” in iCHEF POS.
  • Trigger moment 4: The cash drawer can be opened by turning the cash drawer key clockwise.

If the cash drawer is opened using the key, remember to adjust the keyhole position and align the cash drawer vertically. This will ensure that it will automatically open during checkout.

The timing of the Buzzer

  • Trigger moment 1: When the printer receives the print signal.

Buzzers that are not purchased through iCHEF may not work or have a weak sound due to differences in specifications.





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