Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Hardware] Adjust Printing Density for mC-Print3

The mC-Print3 is set to a standard print density (font color depth) by factory default. Keeping the default print density can extend the lifespan of the print head. If the default print density is too light and you want to increase it, you can adjust the settings to achieve it.

Adjust Printing Density for mC-Print3

  1. Please go to the APP Store and search for [Star Quick Setup Utility], download, and install.
  1. Turn on the printer power, and connect the Bluetooth between the printer and the iPad.
  2. Open [Star Quick Setup Utility], and select [Select Printer].

When you first open the [Star Quick Setup Utility] app, a notice will appear asking for permission to access the local network and Bluetooth on your device. Please [Allow] to obtain permission.

  1. Please select the printer you would like to set up in the search list and click [YES].
  1. Click Printer Settings > Memory Switch Settings
  2. Adjust “Print Density” to “+4” (the higher the number, the darker the color), and then click “Apply”.

Do not turn off the mPOP while the firmware is being updated and do not remove the network cable, Bluetooth, or transmission cable. When the iPad screen shows [Success], it means the printer has completed the update.






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