Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Points & Rewards] QR Code Receipt

Before Settings

Please make sure that your online store is activated, and go to Online Store > Member Login Settings, enable [Allow Member Login].

You can set up member login page without offering online ordering service. Simply leave [Service Type] as [No Ordering Service, Menu View Only].

How to Print QR Code Receipt

  1. Go to Payment Setting > Points & Rewards
  2. Click [Points & Rewards Settings]
  3. Toggle on [Print the QR Code for Points]

Write down the benefits of collecting points to encourage customers joining your loyalty program and become a member!

Loyalty Points for Multi-Channel

Tap to open your points campaign, and toggle on the channel you want to include.

Print Behavior of QR Code Receipt

The QR code for points collecting will be printed when:

  • The order meets your rewarding requirements
  • The order came from a channel applying points campaign
  • The order was placed without a member logging in

For Online Store orders, coupons are only available for Mobile Ordering (Takeout).


  • If an order is voided, the QR code and the points claimed from this order will be voided as well. On the other hand, disabling or deleting a points campaign will not cause any impact on claimed points.
  • The QR code generated for each order can only be claimed once. It is not signed and anyone who access to the claiming page can earn the points.
  • If a customer losses the receipt, you can reprint it by going to Toolbox > Invoice/Receipt Records on iCHEF POS. The reprinted QR code is entirely the same as the original one. Therefore, the points cannot be awarded again if they are already claimed.
  • When disabling/deleting all points campaign, there won’t be any rewards QR code printing even though [Print the QR Code for Points] is toggled on. After you re-launch or create new points campaigns, the rewards QR code will be printed again.





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