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Hi ! How can we help ?

[Discounts] Learn About Discounts


  • Customize discounts for brick-and-mortar & online store
    Set up customized discounts to win over various customers from different sales channel.
  • Flexible configuration to create a discount that fits your campaign
    Whether to give a discount on total amount, or a 10% off on specific items, you are the boss to settle!
  • Auto-apply discounts at checkout
    Once an order meets the requirement of a discount, the total amount will be deducted automatically.
  • Put a discount tag on your Mobile ordering page
    Show the discount tag when customers visit and encourage them put more items into the shopping cart.
  • Deal with unexpected refund by Manual discount
    Trying to give a special offer to recompense the customer? Manual discount allows you to settle all kinds of situations.

  • Give out Coupons and Bring in New Customers
    Coupon makes it easier to share and promote your business! Share your coupon on social media or print out coupon QR code to encourage customers to order.





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