Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Takeout/Delivery] Manage Orders

Push & Notification

After customers send an order from Mobile Ordering (Takeout) page, you will receive a push notification and a sound reminder on iCHEF POS. Please toggle on [Allow Notifications] in your iPad Settings, so that iCHEF POS is allowed to send alerts.

Order Confirming Window

Unconfirmed orders will be listed chronologically in a pop-up window. You can swipe to check the orders, and tap [Accept] or [Decline] to confirm an order. Order status will also be updated on customer’s screen.

Order Confirming Window Detail

A: Confirm Orders

Please confirm the order before pickup/delivery time, otherwise the order will be rejected automatically. Customer will receive a decline message stating “the restaurant is too busy”.

  • Accept: Orders will be created at takeout/delivery page on iCHEF POS, and the order status on customer’s screen will turn to [Accepted].
  • Decline: Orders will be removed from iCHEF POS, and you can send a decline message to the customer.

B: Order Type & Source

Where the order send from and what kind of order it is. Order number from online store is a random code of 5 characters.

C: Pickup/Delivery Time

According to different type of orders, the time indicates:

  • Takeout: The time the meal can be picked up.
  • Delivery: The time the meal being delivered to the address.

D: Total & Payment Status

Total price of the order and payment status. You can still give discounts to unpaid orders at checkout.

E: Customer Info

Pickup/delivery contacts & member information.

F: Order Notes

Notes that customers left for the order. For delivery orders, the delivery address and distance will be displayed here.

G: Order Items

Items that customer orders at Online Store.

H: Amount of Unconfirmed Orders

This amount shows when you have more than 2 unconfirmed orders. When there are more than 5 orders, you’ll find a button of “Return to first order”.

Unconfirmed orders will be listed chronologically by pickup/delivery time.

Check Order Details

When an order is accepted, depends on payment status, order details will be displayed differently.

You can re-print kitchen tickets or guest check in order detail. However, you cannot add items to the order or adjust the discounts and loyalty points.

  • Void transaction: The order will be canceled, and payment will be refund to the customer.
  • Picked up: The order will be closed.

Unpaid Orders

You can add items to the order, give discounts or loyalty points, and proceed to checkout on iCHEF POS.

Disable the ordering service temporarily

You can disable online ordering service on iCHEF POS. When it is toggle off, customers will not be able to place orders on the website. You can also adjust on iCHEF backend, go to Online Store > Mobile Ordering (Takeout/Delivery) > Current Business Status

  1. Go to Toolbox > Online Ordering Management
  2. If you are supporting takeout and delivery service at the meantime, you can disable one of the service or both.
    • Employee passcode is required for this action.
    • You can toggle on to provide online ordering again, or wait until the next opening hours come, the service will be enabled automatically.
    • When you disable all of the services, the [shop] icon on status bar will turn to gray.

Items Sold out

When there is an item out of stock, change the item status as “sold out” at once to prevent potential disputes.

  1. Go to iCHEF POS Toolbox > Product/Modifier Status
  2. Change item/modifier status to [Sold out]
    • Once the item/modifier is available, don’t forget to switch the status back to “Available”.

When changing the item status as “sold out” during the closing hours, item status on Mobile Ordering (Takeout/Delivery) might differs from:

  • Allowing Scheduled Orders: Item status on ordering page will be “sold out” in real time.
  • Not Allowing Scheduled Orders: Customers can only browse menu on ordering page. Item status will turn to “sold out” in the next opening hours.

Unable to Accept New Orders

You may be unable to accept the orders from mobile ordering (Takeout/Delivery) due to particular reasons.

Online Ordering Management

To be more flexible in managing online orders, you can change certain settings of Online Store directly on iCHEF POS.

  1. Go to Toolbox > Online Ordering Management

Online Ordering Management Detail

Scheduled Orders

If you are allowing customers to place scheduled orders, you can select when the customers can place order.

  • During business hours only: Customers can place scheduled orders during your opening hours.
  • During business hours and closing hours: Customers can place a scheduled order anytime.

Average pickup time

According to different type of orders, average pickup time involves in two kinds of calculations:

  • Takeout orders: The time the order being sent + average pickup time (maximum)
  • Delivery orders: The time the order being sent + average pickup time (maximum) + estimated drive time

When adjusting average pickup time, the time displayed on ordering page will be updated in real time.

Accept (Print Later)

When receiving a scheduled order, you can accept to confirm the order first, and print out kitchen ticket, guest check later when the time comes.

You can select [all order types] to enable this bottom on orders of all time. Or select [Today’s order off] to enable this bottom only on orders scheduled for tomorrow and after. According to payment status of the order, printer behavior differs from:

  • Unpaid Orders: The order will be accepted while nothing being printed out. You can tap the order and tap [submit] to to print tickets. Or checkout the order directly and all your printer settings will be printed.
  • Paid Order: The order will be accepted and the invoice/receipt will be printed. You can tap the order and tap [submit] to to print other tickets.

When you accept (print later) a paid order, the invoice will be issued and printed at the same time. Please keep the invoice safe and hand it to the customer at pickup. E-invoice in Taiwan cannot be re-issued.

Unconfirmed orders notification

You can set up a second notification for online orders. If the orders remain unconfirmed for the time you set, you’ll receive a push notification and a sound reminder on iCHEF POS again.

New Order Notification Mode

When receiving an new order, you will receive a push notification and a sound reminder on iCHEF POS. You can decide the play mode of reminder.

  • Loop: The sound reminder will repeat continuously until you tap to open order accepting window.
  • Once: The sound reminder will be played only once.
  • None: No sound at all. You can still receive a push notification.

New Order Notification Volume

If you already turn the volume up but doesn’t hear the reminder, please check the volume of your iPad and toggle on [Allow Notifications] in your iPad Settings.





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