Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?

[Troubleshooting] Reset iCHEF POS App

You can reset your iCHEF POS app to default settings without losing your business data.

When to Reset the App

You might need to reset the iCHEF POS app under the following situations:

  • Changing device to run as the Cashier iPad
  • Encountering unknown errors

What Does Reset Mean

To ensure data completeness, iCHEF POS system will upload and save your transaction records to the cloud before starting the reset process.

The system will complete the following tasks:

  1. Check if all data and records are uploaded to the cloud.
  2. Check and retrieve unused invoice serial numbers
  3. De-register Cashier iPad.
  4. Clear all cache of iCHEF POS app in iPad

After being deregistered, the system will withdraw any unused Taiwan Uniform Invoices by sets of 50 numbers. When logging into the iCHEF POS, the system will skip the set of “last payment invoice number” and start the numbering from the beginning of the next set. ( learn more about Taiwan Uniform Invoice )

How to Reset the App

Before Starting

To ensure the data completeness, please perform [Shift Closing] & [Daily Closing] before you reset the app.

Deregister Cashier iPad

  1. Make sure your iPad is connected to the Internet
  2. Enter your login information
  3. Tap [Other options]
  4. Tap [Deregister Cashier iPad]
  5. Reset successfully. Tap [Confirm] to complete.

How to return to the login page

  1. Click the toolbox icon in the lower-right corner
  2. Click [Logout]






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