Hi ! How can we help ?

Hi ! How can we help ?


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  • [Hardware] Paper Roll Placement and Replacement - The printers of iCHEF supports are thermal printers, so the paper roll needs a thermal coating to print receipts smoothly. The size and placement of the paper roll depend on the model of the printer. Please take a look at the following content on how to place the paper roll.
  • [Item Management] Set up Menu - Set up the menu that meet your needs. Learn how to edit and arrange the menus according to their categories or popularity to facilitate the ordering process.
  • [Invoice & Receipt] Issuing Credit Notes - Learn about when to issue a credit note and how to do on iCHEF POS. You can also enable authorization steps to track the operation record.
  • [Order Management] Void An Order & Refund - To void an order and refund the customer, you'll need to issue a credit note. Learn how to find the transaction records and issue a credit note.
  • [Get Started] iCHEF Customer Service - Welcome to iCHEF! On the way of building a thriving business with your store, please feel free to contact our customer service for professional assistance in any kind of issues.
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