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Hi ! How can we help ?


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  • [Operational Efficiency] Hold a Table - To hold a specific table and mark as occupied, simply long-press on the table and select a duration. The table will turn red, indicating it's reserved or occupied, making it easy for staff to identify.
  • [User Interface] Table Status Page - The table status page on iCHEF POS consists of waiting area, dine-in area and takeout/delivery area. This article illustrates the layout and operations for this page, including the add-order button, display of dine-in tables, order information, as well as changing table, merging orders, deleting orders and closing orders.
  • [Operational Efficiency] How to Boost Efficiency with iCHEF POS - A hundred restaurants might evolve a hundred of different working flows. Learn what can iCHEF POS do to meet your needs.
  • [Google Business Profile] Unbind Google Business Profile with iCHEF - You can unbind your Google Business Profile from iCHEF. After unbinding, the profile will retain its last updated status. To make changes, manage your profile directly on the Google backend.
  • [Google Business Profile] Add Links to Your Business Profile - Customers usually choose a restaurant based on the business information and menu photos. If you are using iCHEF Online Store, you can include the link in your business profile for customers to place orders or view menus more conveniently.
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